Chapter 2

Take a trip with illustrator Christopher Corr to explore the majestic pink city in India, visit busy downtown New York and island hop around the Mediterranean. Be dazzled by Christopher’s quirky multi-coloured characters, slinky taverna cats and blazing sunshine faces.

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Bright lights, bright city, walk the streets of New York City where the soaring sky scrapers touch the stars and iconic yellow cabs whizz around the block. Grab a cab and go downtown!

Island Hopping

Take a tour of a Mediterranean island, lined with whitewashed houses that contrast against the vast vivid blue sea. Watch the villagers go about their day, the tiny fishing boats bob along on the ocean wave and colourful characters laugh and play.

Hustle Bustle

Be a part of the hustle and bustle of the market. Be dazzled by vibrant people as they whizz by on bikes and carts. Feast your eyes on the colourful animals; you may even spy an elephant or two hidden amongst the palaces.

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