Chapter 1

Frann Preston-Gannon illustrates her way through the lush and exotic Amazon rainforest meeting the chattering monkeys and fanciful birds that call it their home. Dive deep into the ocean and see the sea turtles dance in the seaweed. Shoals of twirling fish and playful seals swim beneath the frozen Arctic as the polar bears float happily on the ice above.

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Arctic Antics

Wonderful white polar bears and fun, friendly seals surf along on icebergs while beneath their icy toes and flippers the fish play amongst the majestic narwhals.

Dusky Amazon

Deep in the Amazon rainforest the birds come out to play to splish and splash in the river and talk about their day. From the banks, graceful dragonflies hover from flower to flower and hide in the jungle foliage.

Monkey Tree

In the jungle tree tops, the mischievous monkeys play hide and seek amongst the branches. Their beautiful fuzzy faces and wiggly tails add a hint of monkey fun. From the leafy jungle floor their laughter and shrieks can be heard.

Turtle Reef

The turtles in the tropical seas dive and dance in the swirling seaweed, whilst fish and the seahorses twist and twirl, their faces are full of glee as their game continues all day. From the shallows the tiny turtles little flippers flutter through the ocean tides.

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