Chapter 3

Get a bug’s eye view with Yuval Zommer, a world crawling with teeny ladybugs, fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees awaits. Splish splash in the duck ponds, leap with the frogs, chuckle with the chickens and explore the park with your canine chums. Experience the wonder of nature through Yuval’s colourful illustrations.

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Bark Life

Sit! Good dog. Take a dog’s eye view of play time in the park with the neighbourhood pups. All dogs love a walk from sausage dogs to scruffy pups and best in show.

Busy Buzzy

Embrace a world of bugs and creepy crawlies. Zipping here and buzzing there; with tiny fluttering wings the butterflies, moths and cheery ladybugs go about their buzzy day. The jumping grasshoppers and grinning bees dance around blossoming flowers and quirky plants.

Apples & Pears

Over the hills and far away, down in the orchard the chuckling chickens peck around the vegetable patch amongst the painterly apple and pear trees. In the long grass the slithering snails hide to avoid detection.

Duck Pond

Laughing frogs leap from pond to pond on floating lily pads as graceful dragonflies watch from the bulrushes. Ducks paddle happily in cool water and if you look carefully you will see a small paper boat bobbing gently on the water.

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